YourTango And Durex Reveal The Liberating Side Of Being Together

a couple in bed

We've all heard the misconception that once a new relationship evolves into a full-on commitment, all the romance goes out the window. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Commitment helps you feel safe and secure ("It's you and me no matter what") — and that's one of the sexiest possible reasons to be in a relationship.

To celebrate the joys of commitment, YourTango has teamed up with Durex to launch The Liberating Side of Being Together campaign, which encourages couples to get closer in order to go further.

The campaign focuses on the intimacy between committed couples and the unique sexual dynamic that develops between two people who are comfortable enough to take their sex life to a higher level. As two partners in a committed relationship, you're free to try out all those fantasies you've always dreamed of, but never quite had the courage to (s)explore.

So what can expect from The Liberating Side Of Commitment campaign? A wild ride, of course!

From April through June, YourTango will feature tons of hot steamy articles, videos, and photo galleries devoted to the most sensual side of being in a committed relationship. 


Learn more about the Liberating Side of Being Together:

Check back every day for juicy tips on how to spice up your usual date night by incorporating aphrodisiac cocktails (it's true; they really do heat things up), advice for reliving your favorite memories together, ways to incorporate some tasty treats into your usual foreplay routine — and lots more. Be sure to check out our sparks, which will be updated each day with a new tip that can help bring your love life to heights you never knew existed.

And don't forget to stop by every day from April 15 through May 5 to hear what the YourTango Experts — our trusted team of love and relationship experts — have to say about the liberating side of being together in our "21 Days to an Even Better Sex Life" experts intensive (basically, an amazing article or video a day for three weeks straight). They'll be covering everything from lingerie and foreplay to the fantasies that both men and women experience — but are afraid to talk about.

This is just a taste of what's to come, so stop by YourTango everyday to keep up with the latest tips, advice, stories, news, and eye-candy galleries that YourTango and Durex have in store for you.

Oh, and did we mention the prizes? Yep, make sure to enter to win a $100 gift card from; we'll be awarding them to 200 hundred eligible contestants.

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Let the liberation begin!