Who Are 'Bachelor' Finalists Catherine Giudici & Lindsay Yenter?

Five things you don't know about 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's final two ladies.

Catherine Guidici & Lindsay Yenter

Sure, you’ve seen them swim in frigid waters, get cozy with Bachelor Sean Lowe in ice castles, and eat giant bugs, but the final two women contending for Sean's heart and that final rose (and hopefully a ring!) are more than just a good time.

In fact, the two most surprising finalists in Bachelor history have also shared many personal details about their pasts. Here, five facts you might not know about Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter:

  • Catherine is a graphic designer at Amazon. Additionally, she's a vegan food blogger for Seattleite.com.
  • You'll have difficulty finding details about Lindsay online, which may be due to her Army Major General father’s recent deployment. Military officials in sensitive deployments often have their families' online presence 'scrubbed.'
  • Catherine's been inked. The beauty has an "ohm" tattoo on the back of her neck.
  • Despite there being so little info out there about Lindsay, she’s still managed to find a little scandal. One celeb gossip magazine asserted she's an aspiring model using the show to advance her career, and a supposed ex-boyfriend contacted a website about naked photos of the one-time military brat. Fortunately, the photos never surfaced.
  • Although we all heard Catherine tell Sean about her father's attempted suicide in front of her while a teen, the two have a much healthier relationship now. Her father works for a non-profit organization in Taiwan, and Catherine emailed him to apologize for what she said before the episode aired.

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