Are We Being Fake In Relationships?

A new study reveals we're cuddling to avoid confrontation.

couple cudding

We've all been there: You're in a relationship for a while and you become comfortable. It's great right? You would think so, but when does comfortable become complacent?

According to a recent study from DePaul University, more and more people in relationships are expressing affection to mask their true feelings.

Rather than reveal our bad moods or start an argument, the study found that it's quite common to cuddle, hold hands and carress our partners. In fact, non-married individuals expressed deceptive affection three times a week to their significant others. 


"Couples use deceptive affection because they feel negatively about their partner and want to save face, avoid embarrassing their partner or sidestep a situation that may land them in hot water,"said DePaul University's Sean Horan, Ph.D.

So, are we staying in relationships we no longer find fulfilling to avoid facing inevitable arguments or a breakup? Or is this just a habit?

Researchers say this form of affection is not necesscarily negative behavior and can even help maintain relationships.

We can't help but wonder how it feels on the other side of this: How would you feel if your partner was hugging and kissing you in order to spare your feelings? Is it hurtful or harmless?


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