Trying To Get Pregnant? Don't Let Anxiety Get In The Way

Stop stressing and just let things happen naturally.

sad woman floor

So, even though you and your partner are totally in love and are finally at a place where you want to raise a beautiful family, the road hasn't always been smooth sailing. Now that you guys are ready to take the next step, there are so many things getting in the way of conceiving and it's becoming super scary. Feeling like you have so much pressure on your back to get pregnant makes you panic — Not to mention disappointed that it still hasn't happened.

When you make the decision to have a family, being worried about how to get pregnant (and freaking out when there seems to be issues standing in the way) is natural. In fact, we've all been in the same boat. While it is understandable that you can't stop thinking about the day that you will finally become a parent to a beautiful, precious child that you just know you'll spend your life protecting, the stress can start talking a toll. Psychotherapist Dr. Hillary Goldsher explains that if you haven't gotten pregnant right away, the first thing you should do is "validate your feelings." You're going through something that's really hard. It is anxiety-provoking; it is worrysome; it is upsetting. Great things don’t always come easy. A challenge just makes it more rewarding. In the meantime seek support from your friends and family.