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My journey to becoming a psychologist was an unusual one.  In 1998, I graduated from the Kellogg School of Management with an MBA in business and worked for over 10 years at a fortune 500 medical supply corporation.  I was very successful in this arena but always felt a pull towards the world of helping others.  After a decade in the business world, I could no longer deny this pull and began my pursuit of earning a doctorate in clinical psychology.

After this unique journey to get here, my work as a clinical psychologist is very special and sacred to me.  My strong belief and experience is that a better understanding of one’s mind enhances all of life’s experiences.  The more one understands themselves, the greater one can love oneself, another, friends, family, work and so on.  Thus, as a clinician, my work always focuses on guiding an individual or a couple to discover themselves in a different and deeper way.  This inevitably creates a sense of empowerment that allows one to more deliberately and successfully create a life that feels right, that most resonates.

I use this approach to treat a number of different issues.  Specifically, I specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, couples therapy/parenting, depression/anxiety, and women dealing with fertility issues.  I also work with clients dealing with issues related to the business and/or corporate environment due to my extensive experience in the business world.

I am particularly passionate about eating disorders and couples.  I dedicate a significant portion of my practice to those suffering with anorexia, bulimia, and obesity.  I also dedicate a significant portion of my practice to couples dealing with issues related to: intimacy, conflict/resolution, parenting, and infertility.

Coping with various psychological issues and challenges such as depression, anxiety, self esteem issues, relationship issues etc. is not easy.  In fact, it can be quite difficult. And can often leave one feeling alone or helpless.  Therapy and psychological guidance and advice is not magic.   Working through issues often requires time, patience, commitment, and faith---and well, sometimes a little pain.  And sometimes a lot.  And furthermore, the truth is, sometimes change comes slowly… as a whisper rather than as a thunder bolt.  However, I believe it is the slow, steady changes that lead to sustained, lifelong changes---which is what, as a psychologist, I am most interested in and focused on...helping one to make all significant relationships in their lives (with oneself, another, work etc.) better.  I am dedicated to helping people begin the process of making these changes. A fuller, deeper, more authentic life awaits. Let's continue this journey together...

I currently have a private practice located in Beverly Hills, CA.  To learn more about me, my approach to psychotherapy, and my private practice, please go to my website. I look so forward to hearing from you.

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