New Male Birth Control Is 100% Effective (But Involves Needles!)

doctor with needle

Birth control ain't just for ladies anymore. A form of birth control is now available for men that has shown to be 100 percent effective.

All you've got to do is stick a needle in your penis.

Now that we've got your attention, allow us to introduce Vasalgel, a form of male birth control that is currently undergoing clinical trials in India. Here's how it works: Vasalgel is injected into the penis. Once in, it coats the walls of the vas deferens and kills sperm as they pass through. So, essentially, those little swimmers are long gone before they ever approach a woman's egg. 

The procedure (which, we'll remind you for good measure, involves injecting a needle into the penis), takes about 15 minutes. But, despite the potential pain involved in the quick process, the birth control benefits last for up to 10 years.

So, men of the world, if you can stand a needle injecting the unsexy-sounding Vasalgel into your penis, this seems incredibly worth it. Though currently in trials, researchers are hoping this new treatment becomes available by 2015. 

(Of course, as with the pill, Vasalgel doesn't protect against STDs, so if the shot is in your long-term contingency plan, be sure to get tested regularly.)

Guys, would you get a male birth control shot?

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