8 Adorable Pets Playing In The Snow

Dog playing in the snow

Snow days aren't just for school kids. Some pets love them, too! These dogs and cats have been bundled up all year, so they couldn't wait to play in some fresh powder. Watch them make snowballs, play chase, and even go snowboarding.

1. Three words: doggie snow angels.

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2. Elaine the cat plays hide and seek—or maybe freeze tag—in the snow.

3. This English Bulldog pack makes snowboarding look easy.

4. But this French Bulldog prefers stealing sleds.

5. Clever kitty goes ice fishing—too bad his catch is frozen in a pond.

6. Someone get this snow-tunneling Corgi an igloo!

7. Give this dog a few hours, and he'll build an entire snowman.

8. But not everyone loves a winter wonderland. This kitten discovers snow ... and says kthxbai!