5 Love Lessons Season 1 Of 'Girls' Taught Us

hannah and adam staring at each other on girls

Here's what we learned from the first season of the show.

After months of waiting, it's finally almost time for new season of Girls. Next Sunday, season 2 premieres, and while we haven't seen it yet, we can practically guarantee more awkwardness, laugh-out-loud dialogue, and of course, those unbelievably relatable relationship moments. 

Until the premiere, hold yourself over with these love lessons we learned from the Brooklyn quartet.

1. Tell Him How You Feel
In Hannah's best moment of honesty, we see her tell her then-hookup Adam, who sent her a racy picture meant for someone else, how she really feels. No, she doesn't want him to take her to brunch or be her boyfriend, she just wants him to be obsessed with her and want to sleep with only her. (Sound familiar?) As much as we giggled during this epic monologue, this was a huge moment for Hannah and the audience. It's the first time she's telling Adam what she wants. It's refreshing and empowering. Finally, she's not just going along with a strange or uncomfortable sex request. 

2. We All Have Baggage
HPV, virginity, eating cupcakes in the bathroom and gay ex-boyfriends — turns out we all have baggage ranging from small to large undesirable qualities. (Medium being something like Shoshanna's "I don't love my grandmother.") It's frustrating to see Shoshanna so hung up on her virginity throughout the season. But, let it be a reminder of how dwelling on negative qualities can get in the way. She becomes so caught up in thinking no one wants to sleep with her that she almost misses the opportunity to eliminate her baggage with someone who's actually interested in her.

3. Enjoy Being Single
We're always told to embrace being single, but Marnie's breakup shows us exactly why it's important. After seeing Charlie had moved on so quickly, Marnie became miserable — dirty hair and hours stalking his Facebook photos included. Once she stepped outside of her comfort zone and loosened up (a wild night out with Jessa, moving out of her apartment with Hannah, pursuing the minister from Jessa's wedding), we finally saw her at her happiest in the last episode. Let's hope fun-loving Marnie continues onto next season, even her JLo-inspired look. 

4. Hookups Can Turn Into Relationships
No one thought Adam and Hannah would last. Not Marnie, or even you as you yelled at Hannah "stop hanging out with him!" through the TV screen. But, Adam surprised us. Turns out, he does care about Hannah. Sure, he's still a pervert, but he did come around and prove to us that he sees Hannah as much more than a booty call who he forgets to call. And by the last episode, we learned maybe he cares more than she does.

5. Don't Let Fear Get In The Way
Through the season we see Hannah "fail". She loses two internships, a roommate, and by the last episode, maybe even her boyfriend. But, the only thing that's really holding her back is her fear. By the last episode we hear her admit she's 'the most scared person alive'.  Her worries prevent her from seeing that Adam actually cares about her.

What do you think will happen on season 2 of Girls?

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