'Teen Mom' Star: I'm Choosing Career & Motherhood Over Men

Farrah Abraham talks dating as a single mother, her career as an author and her New Year's kiss.

Farrah Abraham

MTV has made an empire off of teen mothers and it’s definitely affected those on the show. One of the original Teen Moms Farrah Abraham has opened up exclusively to YourTango about the struggles of being a young, single mother, being on TV and how it’s affected her love life.

"Working for MTV for four years made an impact in a good way to prepare me for my future, and I learned a lot about social issues and economy," Abraham said. "Overall, I'm just a wiser person from the experience."


One thing she has learned is how difficult being a single mother trying to date is—which is why she’s put it on the back burner. "I tend to only get men who are either attention-hungry or fake—men putting on the wrong act to be with me," she said. "It's not easy and if I've missed the opportunity to find a new special someone that's ok. I'm lucky to have everything else I have."

However, even though she’s not dating doesn’t mean she’s not crushing! "My celebrity crush would be Olly Murs," she said, referring to The X-Factor: UK’s runner up from season six. "If I dated him, I would call him Oliver!"


As for other celeb couples, she’d prefer those who we don’t hear about, but doesn’t look up to any of them . "The ones who are doing it right are not featured in magazines or having a show about their relationship."

For the 21-year-old, rumors and tabloids are no strangers. From plastic surgery articles to spin-off rumors, Abraham feels her career is her focus at this point, other than her 3-year-old daughter Sophia.

"I’m focusing on things that matter," she said. "Currently being an author is my focus. My first memoir My Teenage Dream Ended and my first children’s book Passy Perfume are now out for Kindle, Amazon and in book stores." Abraham is also looking forward to a parenting self-help book, a cookbook, a young adult fiction book and a romance fantasy. "I am so inspired lately!"

Through all the drama they show on MTV, Abraham wants teens and young mothers be sure they don’t get lost in teen relationships and family hardships, but look ahead for the purposes of making your own money and establishing your own interests.  "I'd tell young mothers to find a balance, focus on your children’s development and be consistent on having a career."


Farrah Abraham has found her balance, and is looking forward to 2013. She spent the holidays with her family on a boat in Orlando overlooking Cinderella’s castle. "We watched the firework show and my midnight kiss was with my wonderful princess, Sophia."

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