Love Bytes: 13 Things Couples Rush Into

couple running

Plus 13 sex trends for 2013.

A guy named Alexander Pope once wrote, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." We all know that couple who got matching tattoos on the second date. Here are 13 other things that happen a little too quickly in a relationship. (TheStir)

13 sexual trends predicted for 2013. Also, Jon Hamm's thunder. (TheFrisky)

What we can all learn from Love, Actually. (GoodMenProject)

Wow. How awesome (and awful) is the OkCupid Tumblr? (CollegeCandy)

Are you single because you're a lying liar? (TheGloss)

Maybe there's a thing or three the old dating rules can do to help us in 2013. (Essence)

Sometimes a penis will get glued to something or other. These are the weirdest (and least sexy) sex stories of 2012. (Huffington Post)

7 myths busted about a lady's, well, lady time. (ModernMan)

Sport up your love life in 2013 with these resolutions. (Betty Confidential)

You ain't gonna meet nobody hidin' b'hind that smart phone, youngin'. (eHarmony)

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