Dating Tips: How To Flirt Like A Pro

Ladies, you may want to sit down for this one (with a glass of wine in hand) because we've got good news for you. If you've been searching for your Prince Charming, the search is officially over! Here's the secret to finally turning your love life around: Instead of going on the hunt to land the perfect guy, learn how to flirt like a total pro.

No, we're not kidding.

But if you're not skilled in the ways of the flirt master, there's no need to worry. Listening to Love U's Tiffany Smith dish out the hottest (not to mention incredibly helpful) flirting tips out there will definitely help you reel Mr. Right in.

And the best part is that you won't even need the help of a milkshake to bring all the boys to your yard—Yes, we said it!

According to Tiffany, "Studies have shown that within the first four minutes of meeting someone, they’ll decide if you’re attracted to them or not." So that means that you have only four minutes to convince your date to let you take him out on a second.

Could the dating game be any more stressful?! 

It may not seem like it at first but flirting can go a long way. Seriously, with the right body language, your date won't know what hit him. Never underestimate the power of Elle Woods' "bend and snap" trick from Legally Blonde!

Even though the pressure is on, if you stick to her spot on advice, you'll totally score big tonight—in more ways tha one. Game, set, match.

If you have a few flirty tricks up your sleeve, let us know in the comments below!