7 Things We Learned About Dating In 2012

girl holding heart, girl in love

Let's take a look at what we discovered about dating this year.

We're constantly surprised by what we learn about the modern dating world and being single, from the popularity of online dating to who falls in love at first sight. And this year, there was no shortage of intriguing information.

Take a look at some of our favorite findings from 2012.

1. No Christmas Date? No Problem?
Turns out, singles find the holidays to be just as romantic without a date. According to Match.com, 80% of singles who have attended a holiday party solo reported having a great time over bringing a date.

2. Men Value Holiday Shopping
Single men are big time Christmas shoppers! Not only did we learn men spend more on gifts for their new dates during Christmas time, they also spend more time searching for the perfect gift than we give them credit for. According to It's Just Lunch, 82% of men report shopping anywhere from two to five hours or more to find a gift for the person they are dating, whereas 57% of women believe the last guy they dated during the holidays only shopped for an hour or less.

3. Men Love PDA
Witnessed a public makeout session in the park? May have been the guy's idea. Match.com's Singles In America survey found that guys are more likely to show their love in public. In fact, 41% of men said they'd be very comfortable kissing in public, versus just 31% of single women.

4. Both Genders Are Stressed By Being Alone
They might hide it well, but guys are just as stressed by loneliness as women, according to Match.com. In fact, 27% of men report loneliness as a difficult aspect of being single, where just 22% of women say the same.

5. Men Are More Likely To Fall In Love At First Sight
Don't believe in love in first sight? Looks like the guys do — and are experiencing it more than us. According to Match.com, not only are the fellas more likely to experience love at first sight, but by age 30, 58% of men who believe in it have experienced, compared to 51% of women.

6. First Impressions Really Matter
You've been told not to judge a book by it's cover, but maybe it's time to forget that one for a bit. Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin assesed speed daters and found that the way someone looks is the first cue used in order to start building an impression. In addition to physical attraction, participants felt they could judge likability immediately based on looks.

7. Online Dating Is The Second-Most Popular Way For Couples To Meet
With over 40 million people signed up across nearly 1,500 dating sites this year, it's no surprise online dating is surpassing other forms of matchmaking. Currently, 1 in 5 couples meet on the web.