Weird News: Swedish Woman Discovered "Loving" Skeletons

woman kissing skull

An alleged case of necrophilia really has us wondering about the limits of loving history.

I am doing my absolute best not to use the word "boner," but these Swedes aren't making it easy on a guy who finds that to be the most wonderful word in the English language. Harrrrrrrrrumph.

A woman from Sweden has informed the world at large she really, really loves history by using human bones as sex toys. Per The Local, an English-language Swedish website, the 37-year old woman was charged with "violating the peace of the dead," and prosecutors are baffled by how she got her hands on a nearly complete skeleton.

As if that were not enough of head-scratcher, Swedish cops discovered CDs full of images and documents pertaining to necrophilia and otherwise "spooky behavior." The woman, clearly a fan of the clandestine methodologies of Lisbeth Salander, had created a hidden compartment in her home to hide macabre accouterments including body bags (not a euphemism for condoms) and a drill (not a euphemism for a high-powered vibrator).

The Swedish Morticia Addams set off the eerie series of events by discharging a firearm in her home, thus summoning the police rather than the kindred spirit or demon spawn she may've been hoping for. She has since declared her innocence and claims the relics were purchased to sate a deep and thrusting passion for archaeology and history.

If and when this 37-year old ghoul goes back to work, you'd hope someone has the decency not to give her the graveyard shift.

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