Love Is A Drug: Here's How To Kick The Addiction [INFOGRAPHIC]


Think you might be addicted to love? It turns out everyone is to some degree — biologically speaking, of course. The brain is hardwired to recognize amorous feelings as a reward, just as it does when introduced to potentially addictive substances — hence, the euphoria. Likewise, your brain doesn't want to let love go, and physically withdraws when love is taken away. In other words, love hurts...literally.

The good news? Once you understand the mechanisms behind this complex, troublemaking organ known as the human brain, you can get to work getting over that person who was no good for you anyway, and set your sights on someone who truly loves you back.

Check out this infographic from YourTango and our friends over at We Love Dates, which describes (in shocking detail!) your brain "on love," its scary similarities to your brain on drugs and how to avoid a rebound rollercoaster by understanding what's really going on inside your noggin.

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