What's Wrong With Sexy Halloween Costumes?

Sexy Halloween Costume
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Some people decry sexy Halloween costumes, but I think they can boost confidence in our bodies.

We all know that for any animal, vegetable or mineral out there, there's probably a "sexy Halloween costume." Whether it's Sexy Eskimo Pie, Sexy Firefighter, or — what's sure to be this year's favorite — Sexy Big Bird, you're sure to find a costume with a mini-skirt, low-cut "shirt" (more like bra) and tiny little hat.

But what are the causes and implications of many women's desire to wear a sexy Halloween costume? After all, no one is making us do this.

Some writers have voiced the idea that the best "weapon" against sexy Halloween costumes is humor. Instead of coming at it from an intellectual level, laughing at the situation suggests that it's absurd to wear a sexy costume and that women who don't are superior to those who do. But the problem is, this still means people are telling women what to wear and ridiculing them if they don't comply.

There is definitely pressure on young, even high-school aged, women to look "sexy" for Halloween. Being peer-pressured into a costume that a young girl isn't ready for is not something I approve of — in fact, some teens are protesting against sexy costumes, as they should be. "Dressing girls like grown women for Halloween communicates that they have the sexuality of adults, in the bodies of children," a sociologist recently told CNN.

However, I strongly believe that women of college age and older should wear whatever they want on Halloween


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