Jonny Weston Spills On 'Chasing Mavericks' & Looking For Love

'Chasing Mavericks' hits theaters tomorrow & we've got all the details on Jonny Weston's love life.

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On Friday, the new film Chasing Mavericks hits theaters. The film, featuring Gerard Butler, is based on the true story of the late Jay Moriarity, an accomplished surfer. Hollywood newcomer Jonny Weston plays the part of Moriarity, so we needed all the details on the 24-year-old stud. And yes ladies, he's single.

This is your first main role in a studio film. Tell us about how you felt working alongside Gerard Butler?
I was nervous he was going to be this preachy action star, but he wasn't ... at all! He was really unselfish and open. We were perfect for each other in the sense that he was a great, seasoned actor and I'm the new guy.


What was it like working with Leven Rambin as your on-screen love, Kim?
Honestly, she's one of the most real, honest, open-hearted women I've ever met. We're really close friends.

You said friends-- does that mean you're single?
Yes! I'm aggressively on the lookout.

Our readers will be happy about that!
Well, they should know I have a lingering fantasy of Pocahontas. So if you're wearing feathers, I'll go crazy.

So who's your celebrity crush?
It's got to be Keira Knightly!

Good pick! So besides Keira, who would you want to play your love interest in a movie?
Hmm, my number one would be Chloe Moretz. I'm blown away by her acting. I think she's changing the game a lot. Another would be Hailee Steinfeld, the girl from True Grit. They're both incredible.


Many people feel that if they didn't start early, it's too late to follow their dreams. How did you recently decide to become an actor?
I was sitting in chemistry class at the University of South Carolina and I really hate chemistry. So, I dropped the class and theater was the only thing left I could take. I'd never done any acting, but ended up loving it. I dropped out the same semester and moved to New York to act. And no, it's never too late. Whatever you're doing whenever you're doing it is where you should be. It's never too late to change your mind.

What were you going to school for?
Psychology. So now, instead of helping crazy people, I'm acting like one!

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Ha! So, who's been your motivation and inspiration through it all?
My parents and my brothers have been so supportive from the start. Also, I wouldn't be able to do any of it without my acting coach in LA. He's my mentor. There are a few people I'd be lost without.


Taking on a role based on a true story of a boy who's passed away must have been harder than one based on a fictional character.
Oh yeah! It took a lot more confidence. I freaked out during filming and called my best friend who's an actor because I was under so much pressure. He had to remind me that I was an actor, I wasn't Jay. Then at the screening in Santa Cruz where the movie was filmed, the real Kim Moriarity (the late Jay's wife) and Jay's father attended, and told me afterward they were proud. He said that Jay would have been proud, too. I don't see how it could get any better than hearing that.

What's next for you?
Well, I'm doing an independent film 87 Fleer, so we're beginning to film that soon. After that, I want to wait for another part that really captures me the way that Jay's story did.

Make sure you catch Jonny Weston in Chasing Mavericks in theaters everywhere tomorrow, October 26!