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The #1 Piece Of Advice All Single Ladies Need To Hear

Alright ladies, when it comes to the search for love, there are some things that us gals need to know. If you've been in a major slump because you can't crack the code on how to get a boyfriend, we're going to have to stop right there. Before you can find someone who accepts you for who you are, you have to learn how to accept yourself. After all, self love and confidence really do go a long way!

We couldn't wait for Counselor/Therapist and Social Worker Sherry Amatenstein to answer one of our readers who wanted to know what the most valuable piece of advice for singles looking for love today is. Even though Sherry's counseling doesn't involve a "find love in 90 days" guarantee, she makes some really important points. For starters, she mentions that you shouldn't worry that you're going to be alone forever. You will find love; you just have to start loving yourself first and realize why you want a partner in life.  If you've noticed that your heart is always rising and falling with the latest person you're pursuing, you need to take a step back and reevaluate what it is that you are looking for. There's plenty more important gems where that came from, so watch the video above to hear them all!