How To Make Your Boyfriend A Better Kisser

... because when it comes to kissing, there's always room for improvement!

How To Make Your Boyfriend A Better Kisser [VIDEO]

Okay guys, when it comes to kissing, we have to admit that we can be a bit of a hopeless romantic from time to time. After watching all of those romantic comedies where the guy sweeps the girl off of her feet, can you really blame us for wanting that magical moment (and totally swoon worthy kiss)? Ladies, whether you watch romantic movies and think, 'Man, I wish my boyfriend would kiss me like that!' or you just wish he'd switch up his smooching style a little bit, you'll be delighted to know that there are countless tips on how to kiss a guy (or how to make him a better kisser) that actually work!

When sex therapist Moushumi Ghose explains that "[k]issing plays a really important role in relationships, and can be the key to intimacy," we couldn't agree more. In fact, we think this makes so much sense; it's no wonder that we put so much emphasis on the act of kissing. As for what you can do to guide you guy, Moushumi suggests telling your partner what you like when it comes to kissing, and asking your partner what he would like from you in return. Hey, we definitely have no complaints with doing that here.