Lesbians Love Tequila & More National Coming Out Day Factoids

gay men eating dinner

Are gay and lesbian eating and drinking habits all that different from those of straight people? A marketing company called Target 10 has created an infographic depicting the eating, drinking and nightlife preferences of gays and lesbians, contrasting them with those of straight folks. Ready for some thought-provoking factoids? Here are just a few:

1. Lesbians are much more likely to drink tequila and wine than gay men or straight people. Wine we understand, but why tequila? If you're a lesbian, can you please shed some light on this for us? 

2. 68 percent of gay men say they enjoy foreign foods, while only 43 percent of straight men say the same. Seems that straight men could learn a lot from gay guys.

3. Women (both straight and lesbian) are twice as likely as men (both straight and gay) to look for organic/natural foods when shopping. Well, duh. But hopefully we wield a good influence over the menfolk.

4. Have you cooked for fun in the past year? If you're a gay man, you're twice as likely as a straight man to have done so. Again, there's a lot straight men can learn from gay men. But it seems as though over the past few years, the cooking stigma for straight men is waning — after all, 28 percent say they've cooked for fun compared with 57 percent of gay men: That's not so bad. And hopefully, with more pop culture personalities like Anthony Bourdain paving the way, that gap will soon disappear completely.

See the infographic for more facts: Culinary Connoisseurs: Gay Men & Lesbians — Drinking, Eating & Going Out

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