Is It Gross For Couples To Feed Each Other In A Restaurant?

couple feeding each other restaurant

Have you ever gone to a restaurant with your guy and ordered a milkshake with two straws? Yes? Well, that's adorable. A milkshake is a nice item to share. Sure, it's cliché, but at least there's no mess.

But what about other foods? Is it romantic to share an entrée and to feed each other your dinner? After reading this article on The Gloss, I've decided that I think it's gross when couples feed each other in public. And there are certain foods that, if I saw a couple feeding them to each other, would make me absolutely nauseous. Such as:

1. Spaghetti. Eating spaghetti by myself is a chore. I always end up with sauce all over my face and noodles falling out of my mouth (please tell me I'm not the only one). I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a set of hands that aren't mine feeding me this messy dish. It would most likely end in the restaurant being cleared out because our fellow diners are disgusted. The Lady And The Tramp thing is just a fantasy!

2. Fondue. Fondue is romantic ... in theory. Many fondue restaurants have low lighting, intimate seating and romantic candles. That doesn't mean you and your man need to attempt to be as romantic as the restaurant and feed each other fondue. Do you want him to get scalding hot cheese on your chin? Do you want to stain his shirt with chocolate? Just use your own fondue fork and feed yourself.

3. Barbeque. Where I'm from in Florida, there are BBQ restaurants everywhere. None of them are romantic, but they're delicious. Nothing is better on a bad day than some good ribs with mac and cheese. However, I'm kind of embarrassed to even eat that meal in a restaurant. I would much prefer to eat it alone in my bed while watching bad TV (don't judge me). And yet ... I've seen people do this. 

4. Burgers. There is nothing yummier (and more sinful) than a hot, juicy burger in your own two hands. Did you hear that? Your own two hands. You don't want all of the toppings falling onto your lap: not cute. Also, come on, you guys can feed each other in the privacy of your own home — the other diners (even the couples) don't want to see that kind of stuff!

Do you think couples feeding each other in a restaurant is gross?

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