Is Taylor Swift Cheating On A Kennedy With A Schwarzenegger?

The rumors of Taylor Swift cheating on boyfriend Conor Kennedy are buzzing. So, are they true?

Taylor Swift

As the story goes, Taylor Swift attended a Kennedy-family event with her current beau Conor Kennedy. Also at the gathering was Kennedy's cousin (and total babe) Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. According to Radar, Swift apparently found 19-year-old Schwarzenegger so irresistible that she spent the entire party locking lips with him. 

"Taylor was making out with Patrick all night," a source said. Taylor's rep denies the claim. So, is Swift really a cheater?


I'm going to go ahead and side with Taylor's rep on this one. I really don't think Taylor Swift, 22, who writes heart-wrenching, gutsy, tell-all ballads about men (or boys, rather) who have done her wrong ("Should've Said No", "White Horse", "Dear John," etc.) is capable of doing the same thing to her 18-year-old boyfriend, especially at a party she attended with him. Her past relationships with Joe Jonas and John Mayer were particularly and notoriously heartbreaking for Swift—and both were rumored to end because of cheating (not on her end.)

However, if the case does turn out true, luckily for Swift, sometimes cheating can be possible to get over. "The relationship can be stronger because of it," our Expert Mrs. Grace Pamer said here. But it's not easy. "Repairing the damage and regaining romance takes effort and commitment, and a willingness to promise not to ever cheat again — and to keep that promise."


Whether it's true or not, Swift knows firsthand just how horrible it is to be on the other end of a cheating situation, and therefore is quite unlikely to inflict that pain on someone else. I'm also sincerely hoping that if she did, she'd have more tact than to cheat on him with his cousin, in front of both of their families. Getting Serious: Taylor Swift Introduces Conor Kennedy To Parents

Even though I don't think Swift is a cheater, we have to remember that it was, indeed, Arnold Schwarzenegger's son we're talking about! Maybe he's learned from his father?

What do you think: Is the innocent Taylor Swift guilty?

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