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Matchmaker, Relationship Coach, YourTango Expert Partner



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Relationships may be fleeting but romance never dies!

About Grace Pamer

My name is Grace Pamer, a.k.a the love letters lady, and my blog RomanceNeverDies.com is my own labor of love to help those in need of a little romance in their lives, whether it be with date ideas, marriage proposal ideas, love letter writing tips, or advice on how to re-light the flame in your long-term relationship.

I have made it my mission to show that romance still lives on, and the power of love is as strong as ever! I’m here to offer advice on romance, relationship and dating tips whilst keeping it real. No matter what stage of your relationship you are at, everyone can do with a little love in their lives every now and then.

Discover your romantic side by practicing the art of writing love letters, a powerful means of expression very close to my heart that I intend to share with the world! Join me on my quest to keep the romance alive, and get some great no-fuss advice along the way.

Here’s to love and romance! 

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