U.S. 'Falls Short' On World Penis Map

PENIS banana

Even Canada beat us in penis size. Pathetic.

If you've had a craving for rain forests, untapped deposits of raw minerals, and gigantic penises, now's the time to head to the Republic of Congo. A new study ranked the world's countries by average length of erect penises and found that the Congo is home to the most well-endowed individuals. At 7.1 inches, their enormous sex organs put them at the top, just above the male populations in Ecuador (7.0 inches), Ghana (6.8), Colombia (6.7), and Iceland (6.5).

Wondering where the good ol' US of A falls on the world's penis chart? Get out your magnifying glass ... you're gonna need it.

Read the rest of the fascinating findings at The Stir: Penis Size Map Shows How 'Short' the United States Falls

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This article was originally published at The Stir. Reprinted with permission from the author.