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You Won't Believe What Colin Farrell Finds "Most Attractive"

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With the help of his sons and family, infamous hottie Colin Farrell has apparently grown up – or at least he's on his way. The star — who got his bad boy reputation from a sex tape and drug and alcohol abuse — is trading in his wild ways for a more mature way of life.

According to Digital Spy, the single actor told Hello! magazine: "I will say that as I get older and calmer and quieter in my own self, the one quality in a woman that I find more and more attractive is kindness. That's probably the most boring answer to a question that has ever been given, but it's what I really feel." 

Boring or not, we have to admit that it's extremely admirable of him. Colin Farrell Says Kissing All Of His Hot Co-Stars Is "Great"

Of course, Colin's innate daring side will always play a small role: "A sense of adventure and humor is important too," he adds, "but I truly find kindness and consideration for others to be the most attractive thing in anyone."

Although he has love on the brain, Colin is happy being single for the time being. He does hope in the near future, however, that he'll be lucky enough for Cupid to strike again.

"I've experienced quite a bit of romantic love and I hope I will again. If someone came along tomorrow I'd be so up for it. I'd be writing bad poems, the works. But until that happens, I'm cool with the way things are. I've got plenty of love in my life already in the form of my sons and a few good friends who I value dearly, so I'm not looking for more."

We couldn't say it better ourselves, Mr. Farrell.

Tell us: do you value kindness in a partner? What are some other traits you look for?

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