Animals In Love: 7 Super-Cute Videos Of Snuggling Animals

kitten chick cuddling

Everyone needs love sometimes, even the furriest of creatures! From newborn kittens snuggling to a spooning sesh between a baby tiger and a piglet, we've rounded up seven adorable animal videos that might just melt your heart.

1.  These cream-colored kittens certainly know how to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning in bed.

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2. A baby bunny snuggle!

3. An inter-species makeout session is caught on camera in this clip.

4. Even ferocious lions need to know they're loved.

5. "Get a room!" These giraffes have mastered the art of French kissing.

6. This is parakeet love at its best.

7. Warning: This is as cute as it gets. A baby tiger and a piglet, spooning.