Love, Heartbreak

I'm Still In Love With My Ex

It's been a while since you two broke up ... well, really, he broke up with you, and you're still feeling heartbroken and confused. And yet, you can't get over him. You've become obsessed with replaying the breakup in your head, and wondering what went so wrong. But you know one thing for sure: you want him back.

But, is it worth it to get back with an ex that doesn't want you back? In this video, relationship coach, matchmaker and YourTango Expert Joe Amoia stresses the importance of self-reflection to understand why exactly you want to get back with a person that doesn't want to be with you. He asks, "Go back over that scenario and really see if your needs were being met on a consistent basis. Were you truly happy and fulfilled in that relationship?" Are My High Expectations Setting Me Up For Failure?

Want to learn more? Watch the video above.