Tony Gaskins: 'Women Are Made For Love, Men Must Be Taught Love'

Author, speaker, screenwriter and producer Tony Gaskins dishes on love, life and finding Mrs. Right.

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After checking out Tony Gaskins Jr.'s five-star app iLifeCoach, his collection of well-received books on Amazon, including Mrs. Right: A Woman's Guide To Becoming And Remaining A Wife, and hearing about his appearances on Oprah and The Tyra Banks Show, you'd never have guessed that the man so confident and comfortable in his role as a champion for faith and family values is only 28 years old. You would also never have guessed that before he "rededicated his life to Christ and chose to start using his gifts for a better purpose," he survived a journey down a dark path, including womanizing, drug-dealing, massive debt and a family on the brink of collapse.


Tony's amazing transformation into a well-known speaker and life coach to the stars resulted from a single-minded dedication to spreading his message. He encourages women to "have your own" in an emphatic YouTube video, stating that having an income or business of some sort will help to keep you from falling prey to men who use money as a form of control. He also believes that when women "give in" to sex too easily, the relationship is less likely to end up at the altar. A tad controversial for America in 2012? Yes — but many see his message as a calling.

Be sure to catch him on Twitter @TonyGaskins for more inspiring nuggets of wisdom (sample Tweet: "If they don't believe that you love yourself enough to leave, then they'll never change!") and visit his website.


1. What are you currently working on? Do you have any exciting news to share?

I'm getting ready to start my "Mrs. Right" Seminar Tour. I will visit many major cities around the world and hold a very empowering seminar for women. The seminar is based on my latest book, Mrs. Right. This book is everything a woman wants to know about how to complete herself to the point that she attracts the man of her dreams, and then how to keep him once he finds her.

2. Fill in the blanks: "My favorite romantic movie is_______" and "My favorite love song is________."

My favorite romantic movie is Love & Basketball and my favorite love song is Cool by Anthony Hamilton.


3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes, but it's love in its shallowest form, which is to have a strong attraction to someone. In reality, it's actually lust at first sight.

4. What is a key requirement for someone you're dating/married to?

That she loves herself, meaning she takes care of her body and mind, she's peaceful and content with life, she's ambitious, and constantly growing.

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5. What couple do you most admire?

Being a relationship coach for a living, I don't admire any couple more than [the one I'm in] because I understand that what we see on TV or even with our eyes is never what it seems. 


6. If you could tell your younger self something you've since learned about love, sex, and/or relationships, what would that be?

Loving a woman purely and with all of your heart is what will truly make you a real man!

7. What is the biggest compliment a partner has ever paid you?

That she loves me for me.

8. Fill in the blanks: "I feel sexiest when_______"

I feel sexiest when I'm climbing out of the pool or I've been working out that week.


9. What's the best relationship advice you've ever received?

Love like you've never been hurt before.

10. In your experience, when it comes to romantic relationships, what is the biggest difference between men and women?

Women are made for love, but men must be taught how to love.

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