5 Love Tips For Anastasia Steele In '50 Shades Freed'

SPOILER ALERT: Read this article only after reading the "Fifty Shades" trilogy.

'50 Shades Freed' EL james

Dear Anastasia,

I have to give you credit: You really did it. I doubted your relationship, worried about your innocence and questioned your sanity — but you never gave up on Christian Grey, and you're set to have a happily-ever-after ending. I'm impressed, hopeful and excited about the notion that things can work out. Let me just give you some advice before you start thinking wedded bliss.

1. Find a safe place of your own — and not the playroom. When you and Christian have an argument, it's totally understandable that you need to escape to a safe place where you can be alone, especially since he keeps you under lock and key. I suggest you don't retreat into a room where you're keeping whips, chains and other pain props. You don't want to bring anger, tension, and fragile, rampant emotions into an environment like that. 5 Love Tips For Anastasia Steele In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'


2. Admit it. It is about the money, a little bit! You've voiced concerns that Carrick wanted you to sign a pre-nup, and you've repeatedly claimed that it's not about the money. Anastasia, let's be honest here. I'm not branding you as a gold-digger, but if Christian didn't have the financial resources to sweep you off your feet, buy you an iPad filled with British literature and whisk you away on a yacht or private plane to the most exotic locations in the world, would you still have fallen for him? Look at the car you're driving. Come on now! Part of his sex appeal is his power and money.

3. Believe in yourself. Christian obviously believes you're capable of running your own company, so why don't you? You're an intelligent college graduate who's passionate about what she does. So do it well and don't ever doubt or limit yourself in anything.


4. It's not just you anymore. While you should always follow your heart, you still need to use your head. Though your move to protect Mia was honorable, you should have considered the life of your unborn child before you walked willingly into the trap of Jack Hyde. Christian may be crazy and possessive, but he's not completely in the wrong if there's a real threat of danger. Take care of yourself and remember, it's not just you anymore! 5 Love Tips For Anastasia Steele In '50 Shades Darker'

5. You have it all, so enjoy it! You've gone through so much just to be with the man you love. You have your own family, a beautiful home and the career of your dreams. You've shown us that love, in its unique, original form, can really conquer all. So remember to enjoy every moment, never forget to laugh and always focus on the brightest shades of Christian Grey. (If all else fails, you can always try on that plum dress and get out Christian's grey tie.)


Someone who'll always be cheering you on.


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