19 Reasons Ian Somerhalder Shouldn't Play Christian Grey

Christian Grey Casting: 19 Reasons Ian Somerhalder Isn't A Fit

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is rapidly becoming a reality now that director Sam Taylor-Johnson has been selected and a release date of August 1, 2014 announced. All that's left to do is fill those pretty little handcuffs and fill out those worn jeans.

While some speculate that the director might stay close to home and hire her 23-year-old hubby, Aaron Johnson, there are other contenders leaping to the front of the line. A possible Man of Steel for Ms. Anastasia Steele could be Henry Cavill, who's still flying high from box office success with the latest Superman installment. But what has everyone a twitter? Ian Somerhalder and his social media campaign to put him at the front of the casting list.

But with Christian Grey going down as one of pop literature's sexiest bachelors, there are 19 reasons the part shouldn't go to the current fan favorite:

Ryan Gosling is in the running to play Christian Grey—enough said.

Despite what Veronica Mars fans say, just because you launch a viral campaign and openly speak about wanting something doesn't mean you should get it.

Henry Cavill brought in $116.6 million as the Man of Steel, numbers Somerhalder has yet to see in box office success.


Somerhalder has found major success in TV with The Vampire Diaries and Lost. Perhaps he should stick to his small screen, syndicated medium.

His only big screen role was in 2002, The Rules of Attraction. Don't remember it? I'm not surprised.

The Anomaly will be his first movie as a supporting actor. He needs to earn more street cred.


In a photoshoot where Somerhalder bared it all, photos of him playing with a rubber ducky were a little less than satisfying, regardless of his, err, revelations.


Fifty Shades of Grey was originally fan fiction based off Twilight. With Robert Pattinson also in the running, wouldn't it befit him to play the Edward Cullen inspiration?


RPatz recently hosted a birthday bash and invited E.L. James as his guest, one-upping Somerhalder in the vampire glamour super power attempts.

If there's a vampire sadist out there for the role, it'd be True Blood's Eric Northman, Alex Skarsgaard.

The filming of The Vampire Diaries will most likely overlap with Fifty Shades and Somerhalder is already in contract with the successful TV show.

Rumor has it, he doesn't play nice with ex-lovers. If he can't handle this, how will he handle the red room?


Ex Nina Dobrev bought Somerhalder the book Fifty Shades of Grey so filming the movie would just bring up bad memories.

Playing a 170-year-old vampire who seduces an 18-year-old girl is not the same seduction level as Christian Grey and his silver tie.


Nina Dobrev tweeted #selfdiscovery after her split with Somerhalder. Anastasia Steele discovered her inner goddess during her relationship with Christian Grey. Clearly, Somerhalder lacks a certain skill set. Ahem ...


Rumors have circulated that the reason behind the Somerhalder-Dobrev split was because he wanted to play house. Christian Grey plays, but not house.


E.L. James has hinted she already knows who she wants to play Christian Grey. Ian Somerhalder has long been the fan favorite, but a confirmation has yet to come. Hmm ... telling.


On the same note, E.L. James has already revealed Christian Grey "may not be who you expect," which means Somerhalder's fan favorite status could work against him. Dun. Dun. Dun. 


Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper's on-screen chemistry is being pushed to the front. Bradley Cooper naked? Hear, hear! 

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