A Man's Guide To Buying Jewelry For A Woman


The do's and don'ts of jewelry buying for a woman you love.

Men, men, men! Can't live with them, and can't—well, you know the rest. I adore men, much to my own detriment, I really do. Now, don't draw conclusions that I am one of "those blondes." I just simply love men in that I actually, truly, emphatically can find something appealing and lovable about almost any guy I meet. Young, old, short, tall, dark, light, funny, not—well, okay, they do have to be funny (and smart but mostly funny). But guys, even in my mind, there are a few things you need to learn about giving jewelry. Here's your crash course from someone on the inside:

Does this say "I'm sorry" enough?

Gift giving, even as an apology, should be a joyous act of generosity. Gifts are symbols of an emotion. (I know you've heard of it.) So say "I'm sorry" with meaning. Don't say it with a card from CVS and flowers from the market. A great apology gift is jewelry, but be very, very careful. Don't buy cheap jewelry (by "cheap," I mean poorly made or a reproduction piece), and do not order jewelry from a shopping mall jewelry store unless you're certain it's something she wants and loves. Please do us all a favor and, under no circumstances, should you ever apologize with an engagement offering of any kind. Trust me on this; it will not go well, in either the short run or the long run.

The best choice for saying "I'm sorry" is being super thoughtful. Try to dig down deep in all those mushy feelings you like to hide and recall something that she has seen and really loved—and go get it! Take a peek in her jewelry box and see if you can determine her style. Then, go online to a cool and unique indie place and get her something interesting. Even if it’s not a dead-on match to her style, the effort will be enough to make her light up—and maybe even forget whatever you're trying to recover from.

You want inside our heads—buyer beware!

Now, if you are in a situation where you feel as though your girl needs to be "tested," there is a way you can do this with jewelry. Though I don't recommend this, there is only one right way to go about it.

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