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The 'Naked' Truth About Sexting!

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Gentlemen, here's some advice you may want to take to heart — cool it with the sexting, alright?

Actually, let's be more specific. Please do not send us photos of your junk. If we want to see you naked, we'll make it known; you don't need to go on sending text messages with aerial shots of your penis.

Don't believe me? Too bad, because a new survey backs me up. The website asked more than 2,500 collegiate women (ages 17-23) their thoughts on the art of sexting, and only three percent of them said they feel turned on when a dude texts a naked photo their way.

Sure, sexting can be, well, sexy, but you've got to do it right, guys. For some help in the sexy text department, investigate the additional findings from the survey and let me know what you think.

Both texts & photos count as "sexting." Of course, definitions for sexting vary from person to person. About 7 percent believe that only sending scandalous photos counts, while about 10 percent say just describing a sexual act via text qualifies as a sext. The remaining 83 percent or so believe both of those acts fit into the "sexting" category.

Ladies do it. Though we aren't always pleased to receive surprise photos of your package, 36 percent of the ladies surveyed had sent a provocative photo to a guy. Of those, about 39 percent were completely naked, 34 percent were in underwear and 7 percent were in a bathing suit. About 10 percent of ladies got creative and were actually naked, but nothing was really showing in the scandalous photo. Another 10 percent said "other."

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Sharing with friends. Fortunately for you, male-sexy-texters of the world, the majority of college-aged women are decent enough to keep your dirty photos and words to themselves. So if you send a provocative photo to your girlfriend, chances are she won't share it with her friends (65.4 percent of women said they wouldn't). If it's a girl you're just hooking up with, however, be wary — only 38 percent said they definitely wouldn't show friends, with more ladies falling into the "maybe" category. Overall, however, 43.2 percent of the ladies said a naked picture of a guy is a turn- off; my guess is an unsolicited photo is a definite no-no, then.

Ladies, how would you react if a guy sent you a naked photo?