Surprise! Women More Likely To Sext Than Men

A new study finds women are more likely to send sexy text messages than men are.


Based on news headlines, you'd think men are hands down more likely to sext (that is, for those who don't know, send sexy pictures of themselves via text) than women. But, color us surprised, it seems the opposite is true!

The New York Times recently reported on a new study that finds women are more likely to send sexy text messages than men. Two university researchers arrived at their results after they surveyed over 5,000 adult visitors to the infidelity web site, This website targets married men and women, and it attracts people who are or are looking to cheat. I Went Undercover On Ashley Madison To Find Out Why Women Cheat


The survey asked users questions about their internet use, sexual behaviors and demographics, where two-thirds of women surveyed were found to have sent sexy text messages in comparison to half of men.

These results came as no surprise Dr. Kholos Wysocki, one of the researchers, because she knows a lot of young men "who are constantly getting naked pictures from women on their phones." To her, sexting is on the rise and in a post-Weiner era, we know this to be true. Weiner, Favre: Women Don't Want Your Naughty Photos!

Yet, the results of this study are a little skewed as the adult visitors to aren't a national representation of everyone who may or may not sext today.


Even so, sexting is still prevalent in society today and if you're going to send someone your naughty pictures, we suggest you take a look over our rules for sending lewd pictures first. Inspired by the Weiner and Favre scandals, we give you a list of do's and don'ts for sending sexts. After all, you wouldn't want your mother to get that close-up shot of your crotch, would you? 7 Rules For Sending Lewd Pics

How do you feel about sexting?