What REALLY Happens At A Sexy 'Spanking Party'

Photo: WeHeartIt

The first time I asked a guy to spank me in bed, he suggested I double up on my therapy sessions. When I asked him a second time, he did it — but in a half-assed way because it wasn't his thing.

While I respect that, I knew that if I didn't get properly spanked at some point soon, I was going to lose it. I wanted him to spank me, damn it! I wanted him to spank me hard. I wanted to see what it felt like, and not have someone else's hang-ups stand in the way of my mild flirtation with BDSM (I hardly consider spanking to fall in that category of sex, but apparently some do).

Eventually, there were many other men whom I didn't even have to ask to spank me, and I realized my intuition and craving for it was legit. I loved it.

Recently, a friend of mine, who shares my love for spanking, attended an official, invite-only spanking party in New York City. Her account of the evening is really intriguing, and not what you'd picture a kinky spanking party to entail.

In other words, there were no over-the-top bondage scenarios, just a group of people who either loved to spank or be spanked. The night was a success, everyone was respectful and conversations weren't at all "spank" related; instead the spanking quarters were separate and conservatively called the "play" area.

I would absolutely give a spanking party a try. I was hesitant at first, just as my friend was, but I think the excitement outweighed the initial fear. On that note, I'm off to research spanking parties in NYC because sometimes you need a sore bum to get through the day.