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Study Says Dating Is Easier For Hot Women ... Who Knew?

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Men. The word alone evokes emotions of love, hate, annoyance, frustration and more. And why shouldn't it? In my experience, they're pretty much the hardest gender to get along with.

Take the dating world. Although feminism has come a long way and we, as women, no longer need to have dinner bought for us as some archaic courtship symbol, we still appreciate chivalry once in a while. And while there's no expectation that a man will foot the bill for a dinner date, some men have completely bullshit reasons for not doing so.

A recent study by the University of St. Andrews in Scotland found that sometimes, the likelihood of a woman scoring a free meal on a date depends on her looks. The prettier she is, the more willing a man is to pick up the tab. I would have thought who pays depends on whether the man expects to get laid (which often has nothing to do with how attractive the woman is), but no, it's looks that win the battle.

Research also found that the more attractive the man, the more likely a woman expects him to pay for the date. Because as we all know, handsome men are rich, and beautiful women look like they could use a free meal. It almost makes sense, in a twisted way. What if you think you're a hot tamale but your date disagrees? Well, as The Frisky's Jessica Wakeman pointed out, if you have two people who each think they're attractive, but neither one thinks their date is all that hot, that could make for a "sticky wicket." True, Ms. Wakeman, true.

As with all dating studies, you need to take this with a grain of salt or you're liable to throw things, break glasses or condemn men (or is that just me?) Just because a guy doesn't buy you dinner doesn't mean you're ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if someone can't see all the wonderful things in you, then you don't want him anyway. You can buy your own damn dinner any night of the week and not have to make small talk about the weather.

What do you think: Are men more likely to pay for a woman's dinner if she's attractive?

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