'Why—After 30 Years Of Marriage—The Best Is Yet To Come'


As he celebrates his 30th anniversary, one writer reveals how to keep marriage bliss still ahead.

My lovely wife and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage this week.

We've had a fantastic journey, with our share of ups and downs, plenty of romance mixed in with rocky times, lots of joy and a few painful challenges, but all in all we are delighted with the life we've shared together so far.

We are continually amazed at how each year finds us closer and more in love than the year before, and although it is hard to imagine, we both feel that the best years of our marriage are yet to come. That's how I think it should be.

Sadly, I often see marriage portrayed as all downhill after the honeymoon. I hate to hear couples reminisce about the early years of young love, mourning as if the best days are over and gone. I was further disturbed by several articles I read recently that suggest the seven-year itch has now become the three-year itch.

So is less sex, more fights, poorer communication and drifting apart really the inevitable? With a nod to the movie Date Night, is it really just a matter of time before couples settle for becoming just "excellent roommates?"

I say no!

Whether you have been together six months or six decades, it is possible to see your future as one filled with excitement, passion and great potential.  I would like to share with you a few key principles that my wife and I have discovered as we have endeavored to keep our relationship vibrant and fresh over the past 30 years. Read on...

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