My Week With MeetMoi: Putting Location-Based Dating To The Test

My Week With MeetMoi

Tired of online dating? So was I... and then I tried MeetMoi, the mobile matchmaker.

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When it comes to dating, I like to keep it interesting. That is, I'm not married to just one method of looking for Mr. Right. From online dating to fix-ups and everything in-between… you name it, I'll try it. So, when my editor asked if I'd test out MeetMoi—the leading mobile social discovery service in the U.S.—for the first time, I was psyched. 

In case you're not familiar, MeetMoi is a location-based dating app that is decidedly "not an online dating service," as the company proudly promotes on its website. Instead, MeetMoi makes "real-life introductions," connecting interested singles based on proximity, promoting instant chat sessions and  encouraging offline meetings. Refreshing, right?

On my 25-minute bus ride home from work, I registered for MeetMoi's mobile app using my smart phone. Already, the fact that I could activate an account on-the-go set this service apart from the other location-based apps I've tried. After all, I'm a busy, professional gal with an active social life and not a lot of free time to spare. So, I need a dating program that adjusts to my schedule, not the other way around.

Right away, MeetMoi fit the bill. Within minutes, it recommended three eligible guys for me—all right in my New York City neighborhood. New potential suitors all before getting home from work? Now that's convenience! I was already pretty impressed.

I also appreciated MeetMoi's subtle style. The app's design is remarkably streamlined and discreet. There are no bright red hearts anywhere to be found, so I felt completely comfortable using the app in public. I didn't have to worry about the busybody behind me peering over my shoulder. She would have no way of knowing what I was up to.

Clicking around the site was fun—kind of like shopping! I could browse through boys, politely rejecting the ones I didn't like while messaging or "winking" at the ones I did. Of the three bachelors MeetMoi recommended to me off the bat, I winked at two and ditched the third. (His spiky, twice-gelled hair was a turnoff to me, as I'm looking for a low-maintenance kind of man.)

Every day for a week, I signed into MeetMoi after work. Each time, my matches were increasingly up my alley. The more I used it, the better the app became at selecting men for me. And, when it didn't offer any freshly selected, hand-picked guys, I could use the "browse" feature to peruse profiles and sort them according to any number of criteria, including "best matches" and "nearest to me." Keep Reading...

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