Older Men Have Much More Sex Than Older Women (At Least In Spain)

We're glad they're sexually active, but the numbers just don't add up.

older spanish couple

Who do you think of when you think of the most amorous people on Earth? Personally, I think of reality TV actors and actresses. But some of you think of denizens of southern Europe; your Frenchmen, Italians, Portuguese and Spaniards. The latter were recently the subject of a study that proved they are pretty damned into getting their swerve on at any age.

Per Science Daily, a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine of some 2,000 Spaniards in their golden years (above 65 years young), showed that some 62 percent of señors and 37 percent of señoras / señoritas are still sexually active. "The most common practices are kisses, caressing and vaginal penetration. On the other hand, the least [practiced] are masturbation and oral sex," according to the article about the study.


Factors that limit sexual activity in both sexes include: "being older than 75, not having a partner, having a low level of education, a poor perception of their own health and sexuality, suffering from two or more chronic illnesses and taking two or more types of medication."

While the study specifically stated that the participants were (are) heterosexual, the numbers are a little wonky. One of four things can be happening: 1) Spanish men are lying liars; 2) Spanish men are doing it with younger mujeres; 3) a few Spanish women are taking on 7, 8 randy, older hombres at a time; or 4) the Spanish may have a much different understanding of what "heterosexuality" actually entails.


If my understanding of Spanish machismo vis-à-vis Antonio Banderas' portrayal of Puss in Boots is accurate, I'd say point number 2 contributes most greatly to the disparity between Spanish grandpas' (abuelos) and grandmas' (abuelas) sex lives. What can we do? I propose the big brains in Madrid start a campaign to acknowledge the sexual needs of lady retirees. At YourTango, we've been saying for years that a Spanish-speaking country is only as strong as the sexual satisfaction of the women in its dotage. I believe they can do it. I mean, they're a country that made being chased by bulls, stabbing those bulls with swords, and later throwing tomatoes at each other cool. 

Why do you think older men in Spain say they're doing it more than women their age? Does a boombox have anything to do with this?

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