4 Ways To Pump Up The Passion In Your Marriage

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Want to heat up your bond? Start cultivating passion in your marriage with these few easy steps.

Would you describe your marriage as being full of passion? Would you like it to be?

Whether you are newly married or, like my wife and me, have been married for 30 years, let me assure you that a passionate marriage is not only possible but is well within your reach.

What is passion, exactly? Passion is simply a prevailing presence of powerful positive emotions. Going way beyond a steamy sex life, a passionate marriage is one in which there is an underlying sense of excitement and fervor; one that is full of intensity, joyfulness and unbridled enthusiasm in both sexual and non-sexual dimensions of your relationship. 3 Choices That Lead To A Passionate Relationship

How do you stir up and keep passion alive? It starts with desire. You have to want it. You have to be deliberate about going after a passionate, intimate marriage, and be willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal. Engaging your heart fully in the joyful pursuit of a passionate marriage is the first step toward attaining it.

Maybe you're thinking, "That's all great, but what can I actually do to grow or renew the passion in my marriage?"

I've come up with four key ways to pump up the passion in any relationship. Share them with your spouse, and give them a shot. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and rewarded by the outcome. 13 Steps To Perfect Passion

1) Pursuit. Never stop pursuing your husband or wife. Men, let me clue you in: relentlessly pestering your wife for sex does not constitute pursuit—at least not when it comes to most wives I'm aware of. Ladies, you know that you want to be pursued by your husband regardless of how long you've been married (and perhaps even more so the longer you are married), but did you know that your husband also wants to be pursued?

However, there is a difference between the way men and women define pursuit. Pursuit, to most men, means feeling desired (ladies, read that as "sex") and affirmed through respect and appreciation. Most women, on the other hand, are more likely to want to be pursued through time, attention and tender affection (guys, read that as "romance"). 10 Solutions For Increasing The Romance

Pursuit pointers:

-Write a love letter, but write the kind of letter that your spouse would want, which may not necessarily be one you would want to receive. Ask yourself, "What would best say 'I love you' to him or her?" 

-Plan a date that revolves around something your spouse enjoys. Surprise your husband with tickets to his favorite sporting event, or your wife with concert or show tickets. Hint: it looks more like pursuit if it isn't something you would normally pick out for yourself.

-Bring home a small gift out of the blue, for no occasion in particular.

-Initiate sex in a creative way, especially if your spouse is the one who does most of the initiating.

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