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TMI! Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Vajazzled "For Special Occasions"

Jennifer Love Hewitt vajazzling

Oh, Jennifer Love Hewitt. When is she going to realize that subtlety is sexier than revealing way too much, too soon?

There was something sparkling about the 33-year-old star of Lifetime's The Client List last Wednesday when she attended A&E's 2012 Upfronts. But, it wasn't her pearly white teeth or dazzling brown eyes ... it was her hooha.

Yes, JLove revealed to NY Daily News that she was vajazzled underneath her sexy Alexander McQueen dress. "It's a special occasion," she explained. Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzles In Sexy, New Photo Shoot

For those who aren't up on the latest vagina decorating trends, vajazzling is a technique in which small Swarovski crystals are carefully applied to your bikini area, thereby shining the glorious way to your lady parts. Apparently, different color crystals mean different things.

So when NY Daily News pressed Hewitt with more vajazzling details, asking if she chose clear crystals for their supposed energy balancing powers, JLove simply answered: "I'm full of good energy."

Hey, at least the single siren has no shame, whether it's divulging her R-rated beauty regimen or admitting she wants on Adam Levine. You have to give her props for honesty! Dismissed! Adam Levine Not Feeling Jennifer Love Hewitt's Crush

Tell us: have you ever tried vajazzling, and would you tell people about it?

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