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Sound Off: Should You Buy Your Guy's Mom A Mother's Day Gift?

Mother's Day

You're all set when it comes to presents for your own mom (and it's only Wednesday! Go you!) but then the thought dawns on you: "Uh oh. Am I supposed to get my boyfriend/fiance/husband's mom something?" What's the etiquette there? What if you've only been dating a few months, but you've met his mom? Well, while we're love experts here at YourTango, when it comes to this question, we have NO IDEA! Maybe you should just get her flowers and/or a card. Maybe it depends on the amount of time you've been dating. Maybe the entire idea is silly and you should just do whatever you feel like — but what if she's expecting it?

So it's your turn to tell us in the comments, dear reader: At what point in a relationship, if ever, is it appropriate — or even inappropriate not to — to get your partner's mom a gift for Mother's Day? Let us know what you think!

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