4 Simple Ways To Be Irresistible To Men

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Flirting Tips: 4 Simple Ways To Be Irresistible To Men

There's at least one person out there who writes "professional wingman" in the occupation box on their tax returns each year, and that person is Thomas Edwards, founder and CEO of The Professional Wingman.

The Professional Wingman is a consulting service that offers an array of packages to help shy men and women (but, naturally, 80 percent of the clients are men, he says) approach prospective dates, flirt, charm, and seal the deal for a first date and beyond.

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Edwards was a speaker at the Single in Stilettos event and gave the audience a crash course in flirting, as well as some tips typically only reserved for paying clients.

Here are some of his favorite expert flirting tips:

1. Flirting tip #1: Pay attention to your significant other's body.

Body language, Edwards said, is the "quintessential element to being able to attract someone." No matter how impeccably groomed you are, nor all the expensive perfume you may use, it all may be in vain if you can't master the art of smiling, careful positioning, and playful touching.

Edwards recommended that ladies turn their bodies and cross their legs toward the object of their affection. He also said to emphasize whatever you say with a light touch on the knee.

Edwards said, "Touching amplifies whatever you're going to say, and lucky for you, very few things like this will actively make a guy uncomfortable."

2. Flirting tip #2: Learn how to tease your partner.

Edwards swore that it's the push-pull dynamic of early courtship that leads to lasting love. It's a clever mix of complimenting, teasing, and touching that yields the most results, he said.

Making fun of your crush gives you the "edge" in a conversation, so make sure to add in a few jabs with a wink, but similar to pulling a girl's pigtails on the playground, you have to make sure your jokes don't hit too below the belt.

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3. Flirting tip #3: Always listen and remember.

It's important, once you get to talking, that you a) remember his name and b) bring up something he says later on in conversation. Make the conversation collaborative, not just pauses between hearing the other one speak.

Edwards also wanted to remind all of us that men have just as many insecurities as we do. If the guy says something a touch awkward, keep the smile and let the conversation chug on.

4. Flirting tip #4: Learn "the triangle" way to kiss.

If it's reached that time of the night and you've heard all you need to know about where he traveled in Europe and why he prefers beer to wine, take a minute to indulge in "the triangle." 

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First, clear your face of hair, position your body toward him, and tilt your head up. Then lock eyes and move yours from his left to right eye and then down to his lips. Repeat until he gets the hint. If he doesn't, it's okay to move on as nothing happened.

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Melissa Noble is a freelance writer and blogger who lives in Brooklyn.

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in May 2012 and was updated with the latest information.