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How Do I Share My Sexual Fantasies With My Wife?

Are you afraid to tell your wife about your sexual fantasies? Are you worried that your idea of kinky will be her idea of crazy? Talking about our most private thoughts can certainly be difficult. Fortunately, YourTango Experts are here to help. In this instructional sex video, Licensed Psychotherapist, Author and YourTango Expert Dr. Tammy Nelson explains how to approach your wife about your sexual fantasies. How Can We Get Our Sex Life Back On Track?

Dr. Tammy starts by saying that it's "a really legitimate question" to wonder how to address this sensitive topic with your significant other, "because it can be really scary to share a new fantasy with your partner." Her best advice? "If you have a fantasy about something, start with what's already working." Compliment your partner on something she already does that you like. That will make it easier to add new things into the mix.

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