Why "Wimpy" Men Make The BEST Husbands

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Researchers from Southampton Solent University in the U.K have found that in times of economic turmoil, women prefer gentle, sensitive men.

The long-form explanation of their research findings makes sense. Overall, when financial times are tough, ladies are more attracted to loving and sensitive men.

This conclusion was drawn after researchers had more than 150 women to rate men's online dating profiles. They were then asked to rate which men were dateable, and which were marriage-worthy. Overall, women favored the aforementioned "wimpy" men rather than the "macho" ones, who would take command in a relationship.

Obviously we can't argue with research study results, but we can disagree with the use of the word "wimpy" by The Daily Mail, which originally published news of the study.

It just doesn't make sense to call a loving and sensitive man wimpy (unless, of course, you're a bully on a 90's Nickelodeon show). As The Stir argues, "Who doesn't want a man who can show emotion, love deeply, and tune into his partner's emotions? Alpha males are great, but they don't make the best husbands."

Amen, sisters! I mean, just look at Don Draper from Mad Men. So, can we start calling quality men something other than wimpy? It seems unfair to demote these marriage-material guys with a word that's defined as "weak and ineffectual."

Do you find yourself more likely to date sensitive guys when the economy is blah?

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