3 Racy Kentucky Derby Inspired Dates!

Kentucky Derby-themed date nights that are sure to get your man's heart racing.

kentucky derby girl

With May just around the corner, we are dusting off our silk gloves and delicate hats in preparation for the Kentucky Derby.

If you are like us and will not have the pleasure of watching the races live this year, fear not. There are plenty of ways to bring the rowdy Derby fun to your dating life. 7 Romantic Horse Movies In Honor Of The Kentucky Derby

These three Kentucky Derby-inspired date nights are sure to make your guy's heart race!


1. Mint Julep Cocktail Party. One of the greatest traditions of the Kentucky Derby is making Mint Juleps. This tasty treat consists of Bourbon, mint and sugar. Turn this Derby delicacy into double — or triple, or quadruple — date night fun by inviting your closest couple friends over for a viewing of the races over some Mint Juleps. Drink responsibly! For recipes click here.

2. Tom Cruise Movie Night. Okay, so I know you may be thinking, "what on Earth does Tom Cruise have to do with the Kentucky Derby?" Well, the famous actor lived in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the races, until he was in his mid-20s. Aside from a tribute to the city that holds all of the fun, movie night with your man could lead to some "Risky Business"... just sayin'.


3. Horseback Riding. Fun, adventurous and romantic, horseback riding is the perfect Derby-inspired date. Trotting on horseback with your significant other is sure to bring out the spirit of the races.

Are you planning to bet on or watch the Kentucky Derby? Do you have other date-night ideas for the big race? 

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