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3 Super-Creepy Online Daters From

Those familiar with online dating will likely agree that for every 10 messages received through those websites, at least eight will be from certifiable creeps.

But sorting through those awkward, often overzealous and sometimes plain horrendous messages and profiles is half of the fun of online dating, really. That's why when a website like comes along and compiles all of the horror into one laugh-filled riot of a blog, it feels as though the stars have aligned. The 12 Online Dating Mistakes You Keep Making Over And Over

Yes, there have been other attempts at such sites before. But WhyTheyreSingle does its predecessors one better. Rather than just copying and pasting the text from notes, emails and inbox messages, the site takes screen shots of the failed attempts at pickup lines and conversation starters that daters receive.

Seriously, this website is a gem. I'm on an online dating hiatus at the moment, so to be able to still browse through the legions of "winners" that populate the e-dating world is a total guilty pleasure. Here are some of my favorites:

Too hard, too fast. Some daters just get too graphic. "First of all, I'd like to watch a drop of water roll down from the top of your head... down your luscious cleavage… then down your navel… and get absorbed in your crotch." OH, OKAY THEN. Please, come right over. Don't worry; I've already got the drop of water ready.

A bit too honest. One dater's self-summary: "I dont want relationship… all I want, bang bang bang [sic]." He also spends a lot of time thinking about his "next victim." Screw fairytales! This is the stuff relationship dreams are made of, kids.

The biggest creep of them all. A bit like Craigslist Missed Connections, one dude sought to find the young girl at the pharmacy he spotted buying Plan B with her mother. He actually wrote, "You had an amazing body and I'd love to be the next reason you have to get another dose of said pill!" Swoon. No wait, vomit. That's better.

Do you have any funny online dating fails?

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