Amy Smart: "Animals Are A Constant Reminder Of Love"

The 'Shameless' actress on how her pets enhance newlywed life with her hubby, Carter Oosterhouse.

Written on Apr 06, 2012

Amy Smart YourTango Exclusive

You could say actress Amy Smart is Shameless about her love for pets. As a long supporter of Best Friends Animal Society and various other pet adoption initiatives in Los Angeles, the 36-year-old knows that owning a dog, cat or other animal can be the key to a happy life... and marriage.


Smart—who shares a home with two dogs, two cats and her new husband, HGTV star Carter Oosterhouse, whom she married in September 2011—recently teamed up with the ASPCA and Pet Armor to launch a national campaign called the PetArmor® Protection Promise

"It's to give affordable health care to pets," she tells us in our exclusive CelebLove TV interview. "It's basically like Frontline Top Spot with the same active ingredient, but for half the price. So now, pet owners can afford to treat their animals, especially during this flea and tick season."

Watch the video above to find out why keeping her own pets healthy is a goal close to Smart's heart, and read the highlights from our chat below:


How is it sharing a house with your 2 dogs, 2 cats and your new husband, Carter?
It's a full house! It's great though, I've had my cats for 16 years. My one dog is nine and his dog is four, so it's fun having all these guys around you constantly wanting your attention, talking, wanting to play. It's wonderful having animals. I would never not have animals. 10 Celebrities Who Are In Love With Their Pets

Do you think having pets makes your relationship stronger?
I do, I think animals are a constant reminder of love – unconditional love. They don't care one way or another whatever is happening. They just want pure attention and love, and it gets you back to what matters in life, it's a gentle reminder. I do think it helps your relationship.

Would you say that's your relationship advice for other couples?
I strongly recommend having pets if you like animals. I wouldn't say get a pet to heal your relationship, but if you like animals and you can make some decent time for them, go adopt, don't buy! 5 Things Pets Can Teach Us About Relationships

Let's talk about Shameless. Your character Jasmine is a rebel looking for love and attention. What's it like to play her?
It's been fun to play Jasmine. The first season she started off itching for something fun and naughty, and clearly she finds that during the summertime with an older man who has a lot of money. It was fun to see where she goes and how she tries to deal with all the drama.


Can you tell fans what to expect next?

To be honest, I don't know. I don't know if my character is coming back or what's going to happen. But, I'm working on a pilot now with the same show writers who do Shameless. So, we're crossing our fingers – it's for NBC, a show called Bad Girls.

And we also hear you have a thriller coming out called 7500.
Yes, it takes place on a plane. It's a horror movie with the same director who did The Grudge. It's with Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and Leslie Bibb (GCB) and it's just a scary movie! But scary in that really classic way – it's not a lot of gore, it's just that haunting scariness.

Tell us: does your pet strengthen your relationship?

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