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Relationship Fail: I Hope It's OK I Just Proposed On Facebook

Relationship Fail: I Hope It's OK I Just Proposed On Facebook

Hopefully, you'll get proposed to once in your life, and when that big moment happens, it will be one you'll never forget. Preferably, some candles, champagne, an exotic location or extravagant gesture will be involved... not your boyfriend's Facebook status.

We hope this gal in particular understands that not everything goes as planned in life – so she better be OK with being pre-proposed to online!

Be honest J, you couldn't just tell her this when you inevitably woke her up as you tried to push her head off of your lap? (You're lying if you say that's not uncomfortable after 10 minutes.) And K, did you always envision accepting his proposal with a smiley face?

We'd expect more from you two, but this isn't your first offence. Keep it up, and we'll induct you into our Relationship Fail hall of fame! Relationship Fail: Mushy, Gushy Couple Nausea On Facebook

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