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St. Patrick's Day: Where Are America's Drunkest Singles?

St. Patrick's Day

With St. Paddy's day tomorrow, it's time to analyze just how much alcohol we single folks consume. Not because it's going to stop us in any way from getting good and sloshed this Saturday, but because the results of this HowAboutWe survey are really educational and enlightening! 

The study lists the most drunk and least drunk cities in America, pointing out the irony of the fact that the fewest heavy drinkers reside in Vegas, while the most live in buttoned-up D.C. All I can say is I'm not at all surprised by the fact that my home New York City is second on the list for heavy-drinking singles. We practically invented the drunk brunch, and it's when I leave NYC to visit friends in other corners of the world that I realize, hells bells, we really know how to put our liquor back.

As far as the correlation between drinking and dating? Turns out Boston sees 20% more beer-related dates than any other city (well, no duh). But Miami is much less of a beer town than a lot of others. Well, of course! If you've been to Miami, you know they don't drink beer there; you drink frou-frou things with plastic pink flamingos attached to the rim of the glass.

The survey also broke down heavy vs. light drinkers by gender, education level and religion. Of course, the atheists took the cake on that one, because we know there's no God to judge us; 38% of us say we're heavy drinkers compared with 21% of self-described Christians. Agnostics and Jews came in at second and third, respectively — neither is a huge shocker.

Before you check out the survey for yourself, why don't you guess where your city falls on the scale — you may be surprised: HowAboutWe: Love & Libations: America's Drunkest Singles

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