8 Surprising Opinions Men Have About Your Body

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What do men really think about your weight, hair, clothes and more?

When it comes to the physical form of our significant others, what do men expect? What do we want? What do we care about, and what doesn't matter to us at all?

There are exceptions to EVERYTHING. What we're not talking about here is the male "ideal." That whole concept muddies the water because of the wide range of women that create lust in men. Without a doubt men are attracted to Keira Knightley or Jessica Alba. But most men don't need a model to feel turned on. They don't need a perfect Vogue-magazine body to feel the animal attraction that is so important to a relationship. Following are some things that do matter to most of us... 

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This article was originally published at EHarmony. Reprinted with permission from the author.