Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Getting Paid To Go On EHarmony Dates

The actress is now supposedly earning a paycheck to go on dates. Yikes.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Getting Paid To Go On eHarmony Dates

Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to have bad luck in the love department. The busty actress has confessed that men don't even hit on her (we find that hard to believe!). Jennifer Love Hewitt Is In Love With Her Boobs, But Guys Aren't?

So, JLH's new career move may not come as a huge surprise given the fact that she's been a bit of a serial dater. She's now the new eHarmony spokeswoman. And she gets paid to go on dates.


According to Crazy Days And Nights (via The Superficial), Jen may not be on the hunt for love—rather, she might be treating it as a job, plain and simple!

"They are paying her and they are also setting her up. They found one guy and flew him to Los Angeles for a date. He says that she was bored, disinterested and was just doing it for the money," claims a sourceJennifer Love Hewitt & Cyber Dating

Yikes! We love Jen, so we're a little baffled about these reports. Is she really the type to go on eHarmony dates just to earn some cash? It's not like she isn't working – she has her new show, The Client List.


Maybe the 33-year-old starlet is hearing the ticking of her biological clock. She did, after all, put the pressure on former boyfriend Jamie Kennedy back in 2009, claiming that if they weren't engaged within a certain time frame, there'd be a "situation."

If we could tell Jen one thing, it would be this: don't worry about a man! The right guy will show up eventually, and you won't need to give him an ultimatum or get paid to go on a dates! Is Jennifer Love Hewitt The Female George Clooney?

Would you go on dates if you were a paid spokeswoman for eHarmony?

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